Post Date: June 21, 2009

Speakers: Jared and Kristin

Target: World of Warcraft Tech Support

Characters: Jim Colensworth and Michelle Colensworth

Length: 20:42


Jared calls as Jim saying that his daughter plays a lot of World of Warcraft and she is saying rape a lot. He asks the man to explain the difference between rape in the game and rape in real life.


  • Yes, they're virtually molesting you and do they molest you first and then rape you or just flat out rape you? -Jared
  • I need to get my swin trunks and my flippy flops! - Kristin
  • In the real world, if you're on a boat and a guy pulls out a wand, he's either a magician, or he's going to rape you. - Jared
  • Molesting, think of Michael Jackson. - Jared
  • Don't say rape! You are now saying Whipped cream! And instead of Molest, you're saying lawn mower! - Jared


World Of Warcraft Prank Call

World Of Warcraft Prank Call