Post Date: January 9, 2009

Speakers: Jared and Kristin

Target: Tiddy Bear Company

Characters: Jim and his wife

Length: 9:06


Jared calls hoping to order the tiddy bear for his wife.


  • "The plush little guy that takes the pain out of shoulder straps." - Woman
  • "That would be Colingsworth."- Jared
  • "Hold your titties! I'm buying your Tiddys!" - Jared
  • "Only Obama could afford that!" - Kristin
  • "Sir, if you keep interrupting me, this is gonna take even longer."-Woman "That's what she said."-Jared
  • "I asked the lady before and she said "*in stereotypical Asian accent* Oh nonono, I no have an information for you, shinko shinko." - Jared


Tiddy Bear Prank Call09:06

Tiddy Bear Prank Call

Tiddy Bear Prank Call

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