Stuff-A-Pokemon Prank Phone Call

Post Date: Febuary 27, 2010

Speakers: Jared

Target: taxidermist

Character: Jim (possibly)

Length: 14:52


Jared calls up a taxidermist to ask him if he could stuff his pokemon for him.


  • "Are you in the shop right now or am I calling your house? I don't really get it." - Jared
  • "Do you guys do other animals or just deer?" - Jared
  • "Do you do Zapdoses?"-Jared
  • "I think those are protected."-Taxidermist
  • "I told Professor Oak that I wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was. And I knew that to catch it was my real test, but to train it was my cause. And I traveled across the land, searching far and wide. But these Pokemon, I need to catch them to understand the power that's inside. Because with the Pokemon, it's you and me. And I knew it was my destiny, and Pokemon, damn, they're my best friend, you know? In a world we must defend."-Jared


Stuff-A-Pokemon Prank Phone Call

Stuff-A-Pokemon Prank Phone Call

Stuff-A-Pokemon Prank Phone Call