Post Date: October 10, 2009

Speakers: Jared

Target: Private Investigator

Characters: Branden

Length: 6:44


Jared tries to prank call a private investigator, but since he spoofed his number to be the investigator's number, it went ot his voicemail. His voicemail wasn't protected, so Jared started messing with his voicemail settings.


  • Tooteloo Pumpkin Boo! - Jared
  • Screech* It's Branden! I charge $50 dollars for an hour, $75 for an hour and a half, and $100 dollars for two hours of great sexy, kinky fun! So leave me a message with your name, number, location, and what you would like me to do to you, and I'll call you back as soon as I can. Goodbye, stud muffin! - Jared


Private Investigator Prank Call06:44

Private Investigator Prank Call

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