Prank Call Stop & Shop Live Cat

Post Date: February 22, 2008

Speakers: Jared

Target: Stop & Shop


Length: 6:44


Jared prank calls Stop & Shop. He says that when he was checking out two hours ago, he found a live cat in his bag. He says he's allergic and his wife doesn't want it. At the end, they tell him he's on Friday Night Cranks.


  • A meow cat? - Stop & Shop Worker
  • What other sounds do cats make? - Jared
  • Yes there was a cat...a furry animal cat. - Jared
  • Let's think about this logically. Maybe there was a cat in your store that crawled into the bag. - Jared
  • I took it home and my wife said get that cat out of my house and I said technically it's not in the house yet and she said don't be a smart ass, and she closed the door. - Jared
  • You cannot throw out a cat! - Jared


Prank Call Stop & Shop Live Cat

Prank Call Stop & Shop Live Cat

Prank Call Stop & Shop Live Cat