Michelle Colensworth or Michelle Stimpleton is Kristin's main character. She is the daughter of Jim Colensworth or Barney Stimpleton and, in few calls, the sister of Ralphie or Branden. Her middle name is Rebekah, spelled with a "k". Occaisionally, she will be the granddaughter of Gertrude Pooshfante, as seen in the Gram Ham Sam Prank Call. She is used where they need a confused little kid. Michelle has ADHD and she is also very spoiled. She can be a brat sometimes. Depending on the call, she might use a southern accent and become Southern Michelle, who is basically the same as Michelle, only with a southern accent.

(Some) AppearancesEdit

  • World of Warcraft Prank Call
  • Zombie Hotel Prank Call
  • Gram Ham Sam Prank Call
  • Michelle Wants A Bike Prank Call
  • Toshiba Prank Call
  • Lost BAR-bie Doll Prank Call
  • Alone in Hotel Prank Call
  • Pray to Santa Prank Call


  • "So if a magician pullls out his wand i can't say he's gonna rape me?"
  • "We're known as Ralph to the ie and little MC."
  • "For my birthday I got the Barbie cellphone... and it's not working"
  • "Like Like Like Like"
  • "I just cleaned my belly-button"
  • "I have socks on."
  • "M-I-C-H-E-L-L-E spells Michelle."
  • "What's a vagina?"