Jared Mcmullin is the host of the prank call show "'Friday Night Cranks". He is currently 23 years of age, his birthday is July 26th. He presently lives in San Diego, California. His musical talents pertain to percussion instruments, of which he has a secondary channel dedicated to. He is both Kristin and Joe's cousin and has an older brother named Jason. 


Jared has a troupe of characters. Which follow, Jim Colensworth who is used very often, as opposed to the others. He is a father appearing in all manner and genre of their pranks. Branden Walden, is a stereotypical gay character, who was once quoted as having a boyfriend "Brad". Barney Stimpleton, who is portrayed as being foolish, comedic and deprived. He usually appears in pranks involving a ridiculous request. Lastly Mitch, often depicted as pedophillic. Jared occasionally will cameo characters such as Robbie Pooshfante who appears in pranks with Kristin using one of her various characters Gertrude Pooshfante.

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