Gertrude Pooshfante is a confused, 82 year old lady played by Kristin. She is usually in the prank calls where


they're trying to act confused to annoy or bother people. Jared will sometimes play Robbie, her grandson, and Kristin will sometimes play Michelle, her granddaughter.Gertrude's middle name is Rosemary. It is said that her middle name is named after her mother, Rose.

(Some) Appearances:Edit

  • Stuck in the Washer Prank Call
  • Gangsta Language Prank Call
  • Gertrude Wants Victoria's Secret
  • Jenny Craig Prank Call


  • "Oh Slutmuffin is not English? Is it German, do you think?"
  • "Should I turn it on?"
  • "Yes, hello. I would like to learn the Gangsta Language."

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