Who you know that is so fly
Star Sixty-Seven and call you at nine
Tell you that your grandmas in a fire
Or possibly made a grown man cry


Friday Night Cranks
Nobody's safe with the numbers in the bank
Friday Night Cranks
They're the number one kids with the number one pranks
Friday Night Cranks


You get a call Friday night and its after nine
Chances are its Me and Kristin on the other line
We are messing with your head and you dont know what to do
Cuz Its Friday Night Cranks back with season two.
After a long week at school or working nine to five
Go to and you can watch us live
Come into the chat room, dont be shy
Send some numbers in and talk to Joe the Camera Guy
Cuz Its Jared Joe and Kristin doing cranks the best
Well Call your best friend and tell him that he failed a drug test
You can Give us the names of ex boy or girlfriends
With special guests and crank calls the fun just never ends


Your getting called late at night And you dont know why
Talking to Bridget the prep or even Jim the sales guy
Families getting private calls and they dont know who
But If your not watching us we could be calling you
Tell us who to call, dont be specific
Nine to eleven eastern, six to 8 pacific.
Getting friends so mad they get pissed and yell
When we make people cry we know were going to hell
See some other viewers watching if they have a webcam
Broadcasting every Friday with our show on Stickam
We record the whole show in case you missed it
Here on Friday night cranks with Jared and Kristin