Branden Walden is one of Jared's main characters, and his most popular, appearing in the show's two most popular videos. He is known as Brandon (with an "o") in early calls. His maiden name is Colensworth. Branden is openly gay and speaks with a high pitched voice. He often makes references to a muscular boyfriend, but the boyfriend has never made an appearance in any prank calls and doesn't have a name. Branden is very sweet and innocent unless you mess with his boyfriend, and often finds himself in troubling situations. He is a very believable character and often gains sympathy from

Branden Walden

the people on the phone. He complains a lot. Sometimes, he has a younger sister, Michelle.

(Some) AppearancesEdit

Quotes  -Josh King I know you are trying to cheatEdit

  • "I ran into a lot of problems tonight."
  • "Every Tuesday, when it hit noon, one of them would die."
  • "Does he call you Daddy?"
  • "My clothes are missing."
  • "I'm like a condom. I protect him."
  • "Did you guys give me viagra?"
  • "Did I swag you out too much?"