Hey guys! Having too many categories makes our wiki unorganized. To fix this, we have a list of categories that should be for each type of page.


  • Who plays them (Jared, Kristin, etc.)
  • Their first name (Jim, Candiiey, etc.)
  • Their last name (Colensworth, Stimpleton, etc.)
  • Characters
  • Minor Characters (If a minor character)


  • Hosts or Crew
  • Major Hosts or Minor Hosts
  • Host or Crew member's name (Jared, Kristin, etc.)


  • Episodes
  • Year (2008, 2012, etc.)
  • Month (May, August, etc.)
  • Speakers (Jared, Stu Stone, etc.)
  • Characters (Michelle, Branden, etc.) *First Name of Character Only*

Thank you and please don't clutter with unnecessary categories! :)