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  1. Mouse In Walmart Candy Bag
  2. Slap Chop Prank Call
  3. Walmart Computer Check Prank Call
  4. Red Lobster Is ALIVE (Prank Call)
  5. Hilarious Rosetta Stone Prank Phone Call
  6. Donation to Haiti Prank Phone Call
  7. Zapdos Bakes a Cake Prank Call
  8. Stuff-A-Pokemon Prank Phone Call
  9. Ruckus Pizza Nazi's Prank Call
  10. Elephant Poacher Prank Phone Call
  11. Funny Sears Chainsaw Prank Phone Call
  12. Mcdonalds Baby Prank Phone Call
  13. Girl Scout Cookies Prank Call
  14. Tie My Shoes Prank Call
  15. Flip Camera Ghost Prank Call
  16. Microsoft Dragon Slayer Prank Call
  17. Honda Car Accident Prank Call
  18. Naked In Hotel Room Prank Call
  19. Human Chia Pet Prank Call
  20. 2 Neighbors Prank Call
  21. 12-6Cloud Turns Into Fight Prank Call
  22. Pretty Little Pony Protection Prank Call
  23. Lost BAR-bie Prank Call (Drunk Lady)
  24. Brando Mc-FluffSocks Prank Call
  25. Crazy Prank Call to Hotel (Someone in my Room)
  26. Chinese Dad Prank Call
  27. Verizon iPhone Support - Lazy Town Prank Phone Call
  28. Wagina Dell Support Prank Call
  29. Goat Semen Prank Call
  30. Sheit Home Security Prank Call
  31. Disney Dance Date Prank Call
  32. Barney Prank Calls Bright House Cable
  33. Mitch Loves Mitch Prank Call
  34. Jersey Shore Voicemail
  35. Kingdom Hearts Prank Call
  36. Cracker Barrel Prank Call
  37. Pray To Santa Prank Call
  38. Patrick prank Call
  39. Scaring Sprint Tech Support Prank Call
  40. Baby Lessons With Sponge Dinosaurs Prank Call
  41. Adopt-A-Lady / Police Attempt Prank Call
  42. Racist Kinect X-Box Support Prank Call
  43. Walmart Imaginary Friend Prank Call (DO-SHE?)
  44. Stuck In Washer Machine Prank Call
  45. Circumcising Grandpa Prank Call
  46. Car Insurance (Talking to Animals) Prank Call
  47. Best Buy Kinectimals (WOW vs COD) Prank Call
  48. Branden The Housewife Prank Call

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